For several years I have been supersing esport teams, streamers, influencers as well as sponsors and agencies in the digital sector. While larger companies can afford advice from an experienced lawyer, this is usually not the case with smaller esports teams or streamers.

As a result, they often dispense with legal advice and do not even know what risks they often take when they lack experience in matters of tax law, social security law or IT/IP law. The risk of liability is immense.

As a lawyer, I want to offer a solution to this, namely a flat rate for help from a lawyer. For a flat rate per month, you can contact me as a team or streamer via my social channels (such as email, Twitter, Skype, Discord, WhatsApp, etc.) and ask me legal questions or secure yourself.

  • This includes only oral information, as advice
  • Representatives to the outside world or the preparation of contracts or other documents are not included. Flatrate tenants, however, should receive special conditions for other activities.

The corresponding contracts for this offer will be fair and without hooks and eyelets. The flat rate will be cancelled at any time and those who are not satisfied will be happy to get their money back. The prices will be adapted to the situation of the team or streamer to provide optimal protection and effective advice for each individual client.

I am currently in discussions with various interested parties in order to make the offer as fair as possible, but at the same time to be able to offer it in such a way that this offer can be a permanent solution.

Until then, I would be happy to receive feedback. Of course, I am also pleased with the interest expressed and how much euros per month such an offer would be worth.

The offer will start early next year!

Bitte gib deine E-Mail ein, sodass wir in Kontakt bleiben können.