The specialist lawyer for sports law comes: The 6th Statutory Assembly of the Bar Association decided in its 7th session on November 26, 2018, the 24th Specialized Bar.

The amendment to the Specialist Lawyers’ Ordinance (FAO) will probably not come into force before July 1, 2019, as the resolution must first be drawn up and submitted to the Federal Ministry of Justice for review.

The main argument for the introduction was the diversity of legal issues in sports, which arise from the interaction of sports and game rules of sports associations with the norms of state law. The decision also took into account that the need for legal advice is by no means limited to top athletes or professional sports, but that a large number of legal issues also need to be clarified in today’s popular sports.

However, the announcement is – for me – rather a gag in the evening, because Esport will probably not include these changes.

While the specialist attorney for sports law passed smoothly, the idea of a specialist attorney for consumer law sparked more discussion. Committee 1 indicated that it did not wish to take further action on the consumer law specialist.

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