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A speaker who bridges the gap between law and technology

# I am Marian Härtel: Your expert for IT and media law, AI/AI, blockchain, computer games and esports.

About me

With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a successful career as a lawyer in IT law, media law, AI/AI, blockchain, computer games and esports, I am more than just a lawyer. As a mix of business consultant and lawyer, I bring a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the digital world.

My experience as a speaker

I have been performing as a speaker for over 10 years. The stages were as diverse as the topics: from trade fairs and conferences in the marketing and computer games sector to international events in Asia and Europe. Associations and other associations also benefit from the training and legal updates I have to offer.

Why book me as a speaker?

– Expertise: A deep understanding of complex legal issues in the digital age.
– Experience: Over 25 years of experience in the corporate world and more than 10 years as a speaker.
– Commitment: Passionate about continuing education for professionals and lay people alike.
– Adaptability: Tailor presentations for your audience, from startups to established companies.

My main topics

1. IT law: data protection, software licenses, cloud computing and more.
2. media law: copyright, competition law and the legal aspects of content creation.
3. AI/AI: legal challenges and ethical considerations.
4. blockchain: smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and legal framework.
5. computer games and esports: licensing, contracts and the legal aspects of professional gaming.

Previous performances

I have participated in a variety of events, including conferences, webinars and panel discussions both in Germany and internationally. My goal is always to provide valuable insight and current legal updates.

Booking and contact

Interested in booking or want to learn more? Contact me at I always offer complete prices, including my expenses for hotel and travel, so that you as an organizer have no effort with this.