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Experienced in legal compliance and expert opinions, I support start-ups in IT, media and blockchain as well as in matters of gambling law, marketing and online trading. Your partner for legal clarity and security.

1. legal compliance – essential for every startup

In my many years of practice as a lawyer specializing in IT, media and blockchain, I have recognized the importance of legal compliance for the success and sustainability of start-ups. Legal compliance is not only a question of compliance with the law, but also an essential building block for the trust of investors and customers. In the fast-moving world of technology and innovation, it is crucial to keep up to date with the latest legal developments. I provide startups with comprehensive advice and support to ensure that they are up to date on all legal aspects and effectively minimize risks. My approach is proactive and customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

2. expert opinions – well-founded assessments for complex issues

The preparation of expert opinions, especially in the dynamic areas of IT, media and blockchain, is one of my core competencies. I provide detailed and comprehensible expert opinions on various legal issues relevant to start-ups in these sectors. My aim is to provide you with clear and precise analyses that serve as a basis for informed decisions. These expert opinions are essential in order to avoid legal pitfalls and set the course for a successful future. They serve not only to minimize risk, but also for strategic planning and can be decisive for attracting investors and partners.

3. specialization in IT, media and blockchain start-ups

My expertise is particularly tailored to the needs of start-ups in the IT, media and blockchain sectors. These sectors are not only innovative and fast-growing, but also legally complex. I help you to master the specific legal challenges in these sectors and minimize compliance risks. My comprehensive understanding of these industries enables me to provide accurate and relevant advice that is aligned with the latest trends and developments. I work closely with you to ensure that your company is not only legally secure today, but also in the future.

4. expert opinions on gambling law and marketing

In addition to my specialization in IT, media and blockchain, I also provide expert opinions in the areas of gambling law, marketing and online trading. These reports are essential to ensure that your marketing strategies and online trading activities comply with current legal requirements and to identify and manage potential risks in the area of gambling law. Gambling law is particularly complex and subject to constant change, which makes specialized and up-to-date advice essential. My goal is not only to provide you with legal certainty, but also to develop innovative and creative solutions for your marketing strategies that are both effective and compliant.

5 Why me? – Your partner for legal certainty and clarity

My passion is to accompany start-ups on their path to success and to give them the legal security they need. With my extensive experience and specialized knowledge in the areas of IT, media, blockchain, gambling law and marketing, I am more than just your lawyer – I am your partner for legal clarity and security. I understand the challenges that young companies face and work closely with you to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs. My approach is holistic and future-oriented to ensure that your company is not only successful today, but also in the future.


As your lawyer and advisor, I am at your side to ensure that your startup is well positioned in all legal matters. Contact me for an individual consultation and benefit from my expertise in legal compliance and the preparation of expert opinions. Together we can create the legal foundations that your company needs for sustainable success.

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