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I am Marian


%C2%A9 KOPF KRAGEN B8A9880 swI am an IT lawyer and business consultant specializing in online entertainment, web media and computer games. My clients are mainly from Europe, the USA or Asia and mainly develop computer games or other online entertainment platforms, earn money in the esports industry or publish content on computer games and IT on the platforms YouTube and Twitch or other social media platforms.

In addition, I am an entrepreneur and consultant in the IT industry with many years of experience in building and leading teams, in-depth IT knowledge, creative ideas for optimizing business structures and the necessary intuition for future trends. I have managed leading companies in the licensing and marketing of online and mobile games, am experienced in managing activities in the Asian gaming market and am an expert in emerging markets.”

Due to my broad network of contacts, my experience in international markets, leading, developing and building teams as well as my personal interest in IT topics, I have extensive knowledge in the field of business development of IT-based companies. Therefore, I support media companies and media start-ups in drafting legal texts and contracts.

In addition, I specialize in the field of e-sports and advise companies on setting up and entering the booming market of e-sports. I also draft sponsorship agreements for players and teams as well as player contracts. I take into account the current peculiarities in questions of social security and professionalization in esports.

Finally, I advise YouTubers and Twitch streamers on marketing, professionalization, branding, business formation and liability.

My experience in copyright, competition and other IT law includes litigation and expert opinions in all instances, including acting as a correspondent attorney in proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice and the Federal Constitutional Court.



25 years experience

As a company

The comprehensive support of my clients is important to me. In doing so, I accompany clients from the concept phase of a business start-up or the pitch of a project through its realization to its completion. A long-term and trusting cooperation is very important to me.


I completed my studies at the FU-Berlin from 1997 to 2004. Influenced by my high school stay in the USA, I was particularly enthusiastic about the international aspects. I have been an entrepreneur myself since 1998 and built up a company with over 30 employees while I was still a student. After completing my studies, I was able to professionalize the company and eventually sell it to investors. Today the company belongs to Gamigo AG.

I was also able to gain valuable experience during my legal clerkship at the Berlin Court of Appeals and worked, among others, for the then co-founder of the GAME Bundesverband, Malte Behrmann. During my legal clerkship, I supported Chili Entertainment GmbH in founding the Ad2games advertising network. Afterwards, I founded my first own law firm Behrmann & Härtel with Malte Behrmann to earn my first spurs. At the same time, I founded H&H Games Consulting GmbH and managed the German representation of the largest advertising network for computer games called CPMStar for the US corporation GSN.

In 2012, together with industry veteran Julian Migura and Malte Behrmann, I founded OnLegends GmbH, which specializes in brokering computer game licenses from Asia to Europe and South America. Through my work for OnLegends GmbH and H&H Games Consulting GmbH I was able to build up a lot of experience in the Asian markets, especially China and Korea, as well as a large network. In 2017, I finally founded Esports Consulting GmbH, with which I advise companies on entering the market and setting up esports activities.


  • Extensive network in the international computer games industry,
  • More than 20 years of experience in running companies and businesses in the computer games industry,
  • Good contacts with all major publishers and developers of online games.
  • Experience in providing legal advice to computer games and new media companies.
  • Experience, knowledge and personal affinity for IT issues.
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