As an experienced attorney with a deep understanding of corporate law, I offer comprehensive advice covering all aspects of the corporate life cycle – from formation to structuring and beyond. My expertise covers a wide range of topics relevant to companies of all sizes and industries.

When starting a business, I will help you choose the right legal form that best suits your business goals and needs. I advise you on the drafting of the articles of association and on the regulation of the rights and obligations of the shareholders to ensure that your company is built on a solid legal foundation.

Throughout the life cycle of a business, various challenges may arise that require careful legal advice. I help you structure your business to enable growth, minimize risk and maximize efficiency. This may include the transformation of legal form, the establishment of subsidiaries or the implementation of mergers and acquisitions.

Another important aspect of my work is the preparation and review of contracts. I have extensive experience in drafting directors’ agreements, which govern the relationship between the company and its executives, and share deal and asset deal agreements, which govern the purchase and sale of company shares or assets. I make sure that these contracts protect your interests in the best possible way and are legally sound.

Overall, my goal is to provide you with comprehensive legal support that allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business and making it successful. With my support, you can be sure that your company is on a secure legal footing.

Broad experience through work with startups

Through my many years of working with startups, I have gained extensive experience in corporate law and corporate structuring. This experience informs my advice and enables me to provide customized solutions to a variety of legal challenges.

Examples of advice in corporate law

In the area of corporate law, there are a variety of legal issues that can arise. For example, when setting up a company, questions may arise as to the choice of the right legal form, the drafting of the articles of association or the liability of the shareholders. When structuring a company, issues relating to the conversion, merger or demerger of companies, the structuring of joint ventures or the regulation of succession in the company may be relevant. I will advise you on all these issues and help you develop solutions that meet your individual needs and goals.

The importance of contract consulting

Contract advice from an experienced attorney is critical. Contracts are the foundation on which business relationships are built. They regulate the rights and obligations of the contracting parties and provide security and clarity. A well-drafted contract can avoid disputes and help business relationships run smoothly and successfully. I support you in the preparation and review of contracts and ensure that your interests are optimally represented.

Tax implications

Tax law aspects must also be taken into account when drafting contracts and structuring companies. The choice of the right legal form, the drafting of articles of association and the implementation of transformations, mergers or demergers can have significant tax implications. I advise you on these issues and work closely with tax advisors and auditors to ensure that your decisions are optimal not only legally, but also fiscally.

Consulting for investments

I also advise on financing and investment issues. I support you in the preparation and execution of financing rounds, in the negotiation and drafting of investment agreements and in the execution of due diligence reviews. I advise investors and companies at all stages of the investment process and ensure that your interests are optimally represented.


If you have any legal questions about your self-employment, just contact me. By contacting me through the chat, via e-mail or by phone, you will receive from me a non-binding 15-minute conversation. I consult nationwide and of course completely agile and digital. No one has to come by my office to get help.

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