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Corporate Law Beratung vom Unternehmer

Comprehensive consulting as well as contract review and preparation from one source!

As a lawyer specializing in corporate law, I support entrepreneurs and the self-employed during the start-up, financing and growth phases. I understand the challenges associated with building and operating a business and work closely with my clients to ensure they achieve their goals and meet their legal obligations.

My experience as an entrepreneur and my specialization in business consulting enable me to support my clients with practical and effective solutions. I understand the needs of entrepreneurs and the requirements associated with starting, operating and growing a business.

During the start-up phase, I advise entrepreneurs on choosing the right form of business, drafting articles of association, and complying with regulations and laws. I also help them create business plans, apply for financing, and set up accounting and tax returns.

During the growth phase, I assist entrepreneurs in expanding their business, hiring employees, and complying with labor laws and regulations. I also advise them on drafting contracts and designing business strategies to achieve their business goals.

I also work closely with financial institutions and investors to ensure my clients get the funding they need to start, grow and scale their businesses. I assist in drafting investment and financing agreements and in regulatory and legal compliance.

As part of my consulting services in the area of corporate law, I also assist in drafting contracts with suppliers, customers and partners. I ensure that my clients act fairly and ethically and fulfill their legal obligations.

As an attorney specializing in corporate law, I also assist with corporate restructuring, business transfers and succession planning. I help my clients comply with regulations and laws and design business strategies to achieve their long-term goals.

I also work closely with other professionals, such as tax accountants and bookkeepers, to ensure that my clients receive the best possible advice and support. Together, we help companies achieve their goals and meet their legal obligations.