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Entrepreneur since 1997


Years of experience as a lawyer

You can trust my entrepreneurial and professional experience!

Welcome to Lawyer Härtel

Browse through my website, including my 1100+ blog posts, and the explanations of my areas of law to get an idea of
me and my experiences.

As a lawyer and business consultant, I can assist you in all matters relating to the establishment, expansion and financing of your company throughout Germany and completely digitally, with a particular focus on IT law, SaaS, e-commerce, blockchain, computer games, e-sports and media, as well as contract drafting.

I combine my experience as an entrepreneur, many years as a contract lawyer and my extensive, also international, contacts.

I can be reached quickly and effectively via phone, email, Whatsapp, Discord or LinkedIn. Of course, the first contact costs nothing. Let's see if we fit together first!

Trustworthy advice

My advice is based on trust and fairness. My goal is to add value to the client when they hire me.


My dealings are always open and transparent. I inform about costs and risks as well as I inform about measures or advise against measures.


I have specialized in a few select areas of law and industries to provide my clients with effective and expeditious advice and handling.

KI - Help

Not only do I advise on AI legal issues, but I also provide an AI bot that offers legal questions and simply contract clauses from my area of law.


In addition to legal advice and business consulting, my clients also get free access to my network of other specialists.

Agile and modern

I have an agile and modern approach. A high level of communication and quick reactions are just as natural as a high level of digitalization in my office.

My services

fields of law and topics by Marian Härtel, attorney at law

I specialize in a few areas and also only accept commercial mandates.

Any questions?

If you have legal questions about your self-employment, just contact me

By contacting me through the chat, via e-mail or by phone, you will receive from me a non-binding 15-minute conversation. I consult nationwide and of course completely agile and digital. No one has to come by my office to get help.

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" Choosing the right partner in legal services is the key to the success of any company "

Blog posts

Latest articles & posts

I have regular blog posts here on the site. Below you will find the most recent posts. There is more in the archive or on the blog page.

Green light for cannabis start-ups - A new chapter begins

The decision of the coalition government to pass a new, less strict cannabis law in…

No compensation for scraping incidents on Facebook

The 4th Civil Senate of the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart has ruled in two…

SEO and law - a balancing act between visibility and security

As a lawyer specializing in IT law, copyright law and competition law, I face the…

Is the NetzDG permissible? ECJ with an exciting decision

The ECJ has made an exciting decision that could also be relevant for the NetzDG,…

BGH submits definition of "immaterial damage" under GDPR to ECJ

The VI. Civil Senate of the Federal Court of Justice referred questions to the Court…

Legal strategies against unauthorized blocking of social media accounts

Introduction: In my legal practice, I regularly encounter cases in which commercial clients, in particular…

OLG Cologne: Cloudflare liable as perpetrator

Introduction In a landmark decision, the Cologne Higher Regional Court has recalibrated the liability of…

Blockchain and AI in law - new territory or proven terrain?

Introduction: Discourses at the interface of technology and law Last week, there was an exciting…

What is the European Accessibility Act?

The European Accessibility Act (EAA) represents a transformative legislative initiative of the European Union that…

Sunset clauses and post-contractual revenue sharing in influencer management

Introduction Sunset clauses are a common instrument in influencer management contracts to regulate the duration…

Covert non-cash formation: an underestimated risk for startups

As a lawyer, I repeatedly encounter cases in which startups unexpectedly stumble due to legal…

OLG Frankfurt am Main vs. OLG Celle - FernUSG in B2B Contracts

There has been noticeable uncertainty in the coaching industry to date, particularly with regard to…

Smart Contracts: Neither Smart nor Contracts 😉

The quote “Smart contracts are neither smart nor contracts” comes from a legal perspective and…

Hamburg Regional Court joins Celle Higher Regional Court: Time for the Federal Supreme Court?

Introduction In a recent ruling, the Hamburg Regional Court made a decision that is causing…

Finally, an end to "Known From" faux ads on purchased items!

In a landmark ruling of September 21, 2023 (case reference: 15 U 108/22), the Higher…

Key Learnings from my presentation: Navigating the Complex World of AI and Law

I recently had the opportunity to attend a fascinating lecture on the legal and ethical…

BGH decides on the right to name in copyright contract law

Introduction On June 15, 2023, the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) issued a significant…

Management for OnlyFans artists: what to consider and how it differs from traditional influencer management

Management in the influencer sector is no longer uncharted territory. Numerous success stories have already…

Vision of contract execution: how smart contracts could shape the future of payments and legal processes

Introduction Technology is rapidly evolving and opening doors to new opportunities in the legal field,…

Commercial use of Discord: A legal guide

Introduction Discord has become a popular platform for gamers, communities, and most recently professional teams…

Smart Contracts, DeFi and AI: Innovative Business Ideas and their Legal Challenges in IT Law

Introduction I recently made an announcement on LinkedIn that I will be looking more deeply…

Model procedure for advertising with customer ratings

The Wettbewerbszentrale wants the BGH to clarify the question of the breakdown of average star…

The legal pitfalls of non-organic follower growth on social media

Introduction In the digital era, having a presence on social media platforms has become essential…

EUGH: No second right of withdrawal if trial subscription turns into paid subscription!

A consumer has a single right to cancel a subscription taken out at a distance,…

Security deficiencies in online banking: A look at a recent ruling by the Heilbronn Regional Court and the legal situation

Introduction: Digital transformation has made online banking a popular and convenient way to manage finances.…

Unrecognized liability risks: What GmbH managing directors need to know

Introduction: In a recent conversation with a client, the topic of liability risks for managing…

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