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Law on the Internet

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has decided on the question of which requirements must be met for consent to telephone advertising and the storage

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Law on the Internet

If a flight ticket of a foreign airline is booked via a German-language Internet site, which is technically and contentwise completely maintained from abroad, German

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  With the colleagues of Freaks4u I gave an interview for the portal Esports.com to ask what an esports lawyer actually does all day 😉

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Esport Business

Why is it important to use professional services and consultants as an Esport Team or Player to also perform professionally? Easy In order to have

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From last year’s experience, I would like to accumulate in this article ten tips that YouTubers and streamers on the Twitch platform should seek legal

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Law and Esport

Player contracts in esport. What should i consider? Just before Christmas, part two of my remarks on esport and the related contracts. As announced, this

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Law on the Internet

Facebook cannot insist on a translation of German-language documents into English in a legal dispute with a German user. This was decided by the 7th

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Law on the Internet

What is it all about? On Yelp, users can rate companies by awarding one to five stars and one text. The Internet portal displays all

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Player contracts, sponsor contracts, team formation, player transfers and everything else that belongs to a successful professional sport team.

Social Media & Law

Legally secure appearance as influencer, fair and secure agency contracts and competition law on Youtube, Twitch and other platforms

Game development

Publishing contracts, grants, freelancer agreements and everything else a successful game developer needs.

E-Commerce & Law

Whether agency, online shop or community. I help to discover stumbling blocks and design the corresponding contracts for shops, advertising, project pitches or other service providers on the internet.

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Miit Hilfe des folgenden Formulars führt die Webseite Sie Stück für Stück durch die Möglichkeit, mich zu kontaktieren. Dabei können Sie mir Ihr Problem schildern, eine Kontaktmöglichkeit auswählen, relevante Dateien zur Verfügung stellen und mir auf diese Weise alle Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung stellen, um eine schnelle und fundierte Rückmeldung zu geben.

Jede Rückmeldung aufgrund einer Anfrage von Ihnen ist grundsätzlich kostenlos!

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Esport visa comes next year

The German esports visa is coming: From spring 2020, professional esports men from third countries will be subject to simplified conditions for permanent residence in

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Bald: Vollständige Digitalisierung der Vertragserstellung und Mandantenkommunikation, mehr Infos hier.

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