Lawyerand consultant? Does it fit together?

Since I can understand that especially start-ups or self-employed people wonder whether it is worth hiring a lawyer, I would like to compile some arguments below. I would be happy to discuss these with you personally.

Why a lawyer and business consultant is the right choice

A lawyer and a business consultant are usually expensive, but using a qualified professional is usually worth it. Why?

First, an attorney provides access to the best possible information and insight into the legal details of the situation. It can help to gain clarity about rights and obligations. In addition, an attorney can ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect legal rights. Second, a qualified attorney and business advisor can help consider the legal ramifications of any decision that needs to be made.

This can be especially useful when an unexpected decision needs to be made or a decision process needs to be gone through. Advice from someone with experience in this area can be crucial to achieving the best possible result.

Third, the writing style of a professional attorney or consultant is often more persuasive than that of someone unfamiliar with the law. This is because they know how to write and formulate legally binding documents.

A professional consultation for your company

As an experienced attorney and business consultant, I can help you make the best decision for your business or start-up. Thanks to my many years of experience in advising companies of all sizes, I know exactly what is important. I know the various pitfalls and obstacles on the road to success and how to avoid them. I offer professional consulting tailored to your needs and the situation of your company or start-up.

Together we will find the best solution for you, so that you can concentrate on what is important: building and developing your business. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. I look forward to working with you!

Improving compliance standards

Another important reason for companies to hire a legal and business consultant is to improve compliance standards. This is especially important when a company operates in a sensitive or regulated area. An attorney can help the company comply with legal requirements and ensure that all operational procedures are done properly. Protecting the company from potential legal problems is directly related to compliance standards. An attorney can ensure that standards are met and assist in resolving issues.

He can also provide advice to ensure that all processes are lawful. The attorney can also help develop internal policies and procedures that meet compliance standards, providing greater security for the company. In addition, an attorney can help develop training programs and other measures to educate employees about compliance standards and teach them how to implement them.

Successfully implemented compliance creates trust among the company’s or freelancer’s customers and is thus an important unique selling point!

Protection against legal risks and disputes

As an experienced attorney and business owner, I know the risks that lurk. Due to my profound education and many years of experience I am able to recognize these risks and to protect you from them. Tax disputes, commercial disputes, financing disputes – these are all disputes that I can assist and represent as your attorney and counselor.

In doing so, I make every effort to reach an out-of-court settlement. Should it nevertheless come to a lawsuit, I will of course represent you in court. So with me you have a competent partner at your side who protects you from legal risks and disputes.

Experience with the industry and due to own activity as an entrepreneur

Another advantage is that as an entrepreneur in the IT and media industry, I have extensive knowledge of current trends and developments in the industry. This means that I can help you adapt to ongoing changes and optimize the legal framework. In addition, you can benefit from my expertise when it comes to making decisions.

In short, a lawyer or consultant is an indispensable resource for any business or entrepreneur.

I myself have more than 20 years of experience in media, computer games, publishing, marketing & sales, e-sports and blockchain.

Affordable, customized solutions for your needs

An attorney and business consultant can provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. These solutions are more efficient and effective than other options available on the market. A professional attorney can help you develop and implement a plan specific to your situation. In addition, a professional attorney can advise and assist you in all legal, tax, investment and financial matters.

As an attorney AND business consultant, I can help you achieve your own goals and often meet investor requirements for a secure corporate structure. It is important to find a qualified attorney with many years of experience. The attorney should be able to understand all legal aspects and develop the best possible strategy to achieve the goals. With his wide-ranging knowledge and detailed view of the company, he can develop customized solution proposals to achieve the greatest possible benefit. A qualified attorney not only helps you find the best possible solution, but also saves you time.

Because many legal issues are complex and require detailed analysis, it can be difficult to work through the legal thought process yourself. However, with the help of a professional lawyer, you can be sure that all legal aspects have been thoroughly analyzed and no loopholes remain. In addition, a qualified attorney will make the process much more pleasant: he or she will act as a knowledgeable advisor and will always be eager to help.

A lawyer and business consultant is the right choice for entrepreneurs, offering affordable but customized solutions, as well as advice and support in all legal matters. This means time and cost savings for the company and creates more room for creativity in the strategic planning process. The consultant can also assist with investment planning. It can help establish a financing plan that is beneficial to both the investor and the company.

Advantages of having a lawyer and business consultant on your team

Competent contact person for legal questions

When it comes to legal issues, it is important to have a competent contact person. A lawyer or business consultant can help find the best possible solution. He has the necessary experience and expertise to understand all legal aspects of the situation. Lawyers and business consultants are also able to help enforce rights in courts and other institutions. They have the necessary knowledge to solve difficult legal issues. Consultation with a professional helps to solve legal problems quickly and efficiently.

An attorney or business consultant is able to point out the legal guidelines related to the concern and has access to the necessary resources and information to prepare the facts of the case in a way that will stand up in court. Based on my experience, I naturally offer more than just legal advice – I can also advise on strategic decisions and act as a mediator and negotiator in resolving conflicts.

When choosing professional counseling from an expert like myself, it is important that she is not only familiar with the law, but also has a broader perspective – so she can create the most benefit for clients.

Professional expertise for the optimization of legal frameworks

It is important to realize that lawyers and business consultants have in-depth knowledge that helps them optimize the legal framework. Their expertise in the relevant area of law enables them to make legally correct decisions and solve problems with minimal risk and maximum efficiency. Through their extensive knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, they can help the company effectively manage its finances and minimize potential risks. In addition, my entrepreneurial experience provides my clients with a negotiating position based not only on sound technical knowledge, but also on negotiating skills and strategy. In addition, a professional lawyer or consultant such as myself always works according to ethical principles when dealing with client information and company internals. This way, companies can be sure that all information is treated confidentially.

Experience in negotiating with authorities or third parties

A lawyer and business consultant can also assist in negotiations with authorities or third parties. A professional attorney has experience in dealing with difficult situations and is able to find negotiated solutions that satisfy both sides. Unlike a lawyer, a business consultant can take an objective look at the situation and help find the best possible solution. Management consultants can also assist in concluding contracts with third parties.

For example, if a property is to be leased or a business arrangement needs to be made with other parties, an attorney and business advisor can help ensure the best possible agreement is reached. They have extensive experience in negotiation and can assist in drafting contracts and other documents. The use of lawyers and management consultants is not only useful in negotiations with external parties, but can also help to resolve internal conflicts. If there are problems within the organization – whether between employees or managers – a professional consultant can help develop possible solutions. Due to his objective view of the problem, he can advise all parties involved in an unbiased manner and thus find solutions together.

Since I combine business consulting and legal services in one person, I am the perfect choice!

Fast handling of legal processes thanks to specialized expertise

An attorney and business advisor has the experience and knowledge to quickly assist with legal proceedings. Formalities are carefully observed to avoid unnecessary delays. Due to his expertise and specialized knowledge, a lawyer and business consultant can also handle more complex cases more efficiently than a person with less legal experience. In addition, a lawyer and business consultant can also assist in the preparation of documentation.

Preparing documentation is a delicate task, as incorrect or incomplete information can have legal consequences. Consulting with an experienced attorney and business advisor helps minimize these risks. Another advantage of working with a lawyer and business consultant is the feeling of security. He can advise you on all possible legal aspects and offer you the best possible solution. Due to his expertise, he knows exactly where opportunities and risks lie and which strategies work best. This gives you more time to focus on the strategic concerns of your business.

Conclusion: Access to professional consulting enables you to find practical approaches to solutions in order to be economically successful

As a professional attorney and business consultant, I can provide top-notch, needs-based advice. It helps to make better decisions while you, as a founder, entrepreneur or self-employed person, can focus on your core tasks.

I always strive to support my customers with sound advice. Such advice is useful for any company, regardless of size and industry. Therefore, when selecting a consultant, it is advisable to always make sure that the consultant has in-depth expert knowledge in the respective field. This way, you can be sure to find practical solutions that meet the needs of the company – which ultimately contributes to the company’s success.

For the areas of computer games, e-sports, blockchain or IT-relevant media, I am exactly that expert!

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