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Influencer and Streamers: Act legally secure!

Whether on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram or any other social media network. Influencers and their agencies are in good hands with me.

As an influencer advocate and marketing agency in the social media and streaming space, I have extensive experience in website marketing, gaming, and influencer marketing. I advise and support influencers, streamers and marketing agencies in this space, working closely with them to understand their business models and help them maximize their reach and influence.

Through my years of working as a lawyer and entrepreneur in the gaming industry, I helped build one of the largest agencies in the computer gaming space and know the challenges and opportunities that exist in this field. This experience helps me to advise and support my clients in the best possible way.

I create contracts that ensure influencers are treated fairly and their content is marketed optimally. I work to optimize website and game marketing by developing strategies tailored to my clients’ specific needs and requirements.

I make sure that contracts between influencers and companies are clearly worded and cover all legal requirements. I work closely with my clients to ensure that their best interests are protected and that they receive the best possible terms.

I also help my clients draft sponsorship and advertising contracts to ensure they are compensated fairly and their content delivers the best possible value.

I am familiar with the latest legal developments in the field of influencers and streaming and can provide my clients with comprehensive support in the event of legal questions and problems. I work closely with the appropriate authorities to ensure that my clients comply with all necessary regulations and laws.

I also advise marketing agencies on campaign design to ensure they are legally compliant and ethical. I help them to optimally plan and implement their campaigns to best support their clients.

I use modern technologies and methods to make the cooperation with my clients as efficient as possible. I use digital tools and contract generators to automate and speed up the work.

My work as an influencer and marketing agency lawyer helps my clients make their business the best it can be and maximize their reach and influence. I work hard to make sure they are treated fairly and that their interests are protected to the best of my ability.