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Blockchain/DLT Future-proof and legally secure development

Focus on technology and leave the legal issues to a specialist!

I specialize in blockchain law and assist blockchain technology companies in drafting customized contracts and complying with legal requirements. It is important to me that companies can concentrate on what is most important: technology and building their business model.

There are many legal issues to be addressed in the blockchain industry, such as regulatory law, data protection, and the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies. This is where I provide consulting services to companies so that they can concentrate on the essentials.

As an expert in blockchain law, I have drafted many contracts and helped companies comply with regulatory requirements. This way, companies can be sure that they are legally protected and have nothing to worry about.

I see myself as a partner to my clients and accompany them on their way through the complex jungle of blockchain regulation. In doing so, I work closely with other experts in the fields of technology, tax law and regulatory law.

Blockchain companies often face specific challenges that are different from the challenges faced by other companies. I have worked with many different blockchain startups and understand the legal aspects that need to be considered when developing the technology.

I see it as my task to support companies in developing and operating their business models within a legally secure framework. It is important to me to understand the needs of my clients and to find individual solutions.

The blockchain industry is constantly changing and legal requirements change accordingly. I always keep up to date and work closely with other experts to provide my clients with comprehensive and timely advice.

As a specialist in blockchain law, I am able to help companies draft contracts tailored to their specific needs. This way, companies can be sure that their contracts comply with current legal requirements and protect them from potential risks.

In summary, I help blockchain companies operate their business models in a legally secure framework. I work closely with my clients to find individual solutions tailored to their needs. In doing so, I always make sure to be up to date and to work closely with other experts.