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Streamers and influencers Advice from lawyer and marketing experts

I help influencers, streamers, and anyone who makes money with social media, whether it's on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or OnlyFans.

What do I offer for streamers and influencers?

For streamers and influencers, I offer 360-degree support that starts first and foremost with assessing what help and advice is really needed. In the further course, streamers receive tailored advice from me on topics of self-employment, including advice on the right legal form, business registration, any necessary broadcasting licenses or other licenses, for example from manufacturers, the GEMA or other interest groups.

Sponsorship agreements

Sponsors are indispensable both in the sports sector and for operators of social media presences such as influencers. Thanks to my almost 20 years of sales experience with various advertisers and agencies, I am not only able to draft sponsoring agreements in a legally secure manner, but also to optimize their content as part of my consulting services. As an attorney, I am able to develop contracts for both endemic and non-endemic sponsors. I always pay attention to professionalism and fairness to ensure both the protection of sponsors and the balance of contract terms for streamers or influencers.


I advise a number of agencies that in turn have YouTubers and Twitch streamers under contract. For these agencies, I review the sponsorship contracts of the respective creatives, assert claims against defaulting clients or defend image and personality rights against unauthorized use of the same. I also advise agencies, influencers and creators in particular on their own promotion, the implementation of competitions to raffle off non-cash or cash prizes among their own followers or cooperation with other influencers and creators. Of course, I also help to ensure that the rights of third parties are always respected and that cooperation agreements are fair and balanced, regulating who is entitled to which rights to the respective works and what to do to avoid unnecessary trouble with competitors, authorities or warning associations.

Advice on the establishment of a company

In German jurisprudence, corporate law is the field of law dealing with associations of persons under private law established by legal transaction to achieve a specific purpose. Having founded numerous companies myself, I can help young entrepreneurs, artists or simply founders, especially in the start-up phase. In doing so, I help to weigh costs and benefits and to place future entrepreneurial activity on a secure foundation. Based on my own entrepreneurial experience, I combine legal and business consulting and can prevent later cost risks with valuable tips. I focus on long-term cooperation and accompany companies from their foundation through possible investments to the model of success. When drafting and reviewing articles of association, I can contribute my experience as an entrepreneur as well as my large network of contacts with auditors, tax advisors, notaries or other consultants. In doing so, I always keep the client’s budget and interests in mind, weighing pros and cons to achieve the best possible outcome for my client.

Influencer Consulting

Influencer marketing has gained enormous importance in recent years. For this very reason, however, the topic is also very controversial from a legal point of view, especially with regard to issues such as the obligation to label advertising or the avoidance of surreptitious advertising. Influencers must therefore observe extensive legal requirements from IT and data protection law and also keep track of the large number of court rulings and other case law. This makes running a Twitch channel, an Instagram account, or even other social media presences legally difficult. As an experienced lawyer, I can advise on all these topics quickly, legally and with the help of modern means of communication such as Skype, Discord or Teamspeak and cushion the risks of a warning.

Freelancer contracts

Freelance contracts are particularly widespread in the IT and social media sectors. From a legal perspective, however, there are a number of things to consider for both the client and the contractor. The specifics of copyright law and the Employee Invention Act must be taken into account, as must compensation, consideration, reporting and, above all, social security law. Due to my experience as a lawyer and entrepreneur, I can provide special advice and experience on documentation requirements, effort and the advantages and disadvantages of contractual clauses.

Focus on your own success

With my consulting, I help streamers and influencers focus on what they do best: Their own marketing or content creation. Effectively in the background, I help to act in a legally secure manner, to structure one’s own activity and thus not only to minimize risks, but also to be successful with one’s own activity in the long term.