Streamers and influencers

What do I offer streamers and influencers?

For streamers and influencers, I offer a 360 degree care, which mainly starts with checking which help and advice is really needed.

In the further procedure, streamers receive from me tailor-made advice on topics of self-employment, including advice on the correct legal form, business registrations, any necessary broadcasting licences or other licenses, for example from manufacturers, GEMA or other interest groups.

Sponsorship agreements

Sponsors are essential both in the field of esports and for social media operators such as influencers. Thanks to my almost 20 years of experience in the sales sector with various advertisers and agencies, I can not only make sponsorship agreements legally secure, but also optimize their content within the scope of my consulting services.

As a lawyer, I can develop influencers for both endemic and non-endemic sponsors. I always keep an eye on professionalism and fairness to ensure both the protection of sponsors and the balance of contract terms for streamers or influencers.


I advise a number of agencies that in turn have YouTubeers and Twitch streamers under contract. For these agencies, I check the sponsorship agreements of the respective creators, make claims against defaulting customers or defend against legitimate image and personality rights against unauthorized use of these same rights.

I advise agencies, influencers and creators mainly on their own promotion, the running of competitions to give away prizes in kind or money among my own followers or the cooperation with other influencers and creators.

Of course, I also help with the fact that the rights of third parties are always respected and that cooperation agreements are fair and balanced, that they regulate who has what rights to the respective works and what needs to be done in order to avoid unnecessary annoyance with competitors, authorities and or warning associations.

Advice on the start-up of a company

In German law, company law refers to the area of law which deals with private-law associations of persons which are established by law in order to achieve a specific purpose. Since I have already founded many companies myself, I can help young entrepreneurs, artists or simply founders, especially in the start-up phase.

In doing so, I help to weigh up costs and benefits and to put future entrepreneurial activity on a safe footing. Based on my own entrepreneurial experience, I combine legal and business consulting and can use valuable tips to prevent future cost risks. I rely on long-term cooperation and accompanied companies from the foundation to possible investments up to the successful model.

I can contribute my experience as an entrepreneur in the preparation and review of shareholder contracts, as well as my extensive network of contacts with accountants, tax consultants, notaries or other consultants. I will always keep an eye on the budget and interest of the client, balancing the advantages and disadvantages in order to be able to offer my client an optimal result.

Advice from influencers

Influencer marketing has become enormously important in recent years. For this very reason, however, the issue is also very controversial from a legal point of view, especially in matters relating to the labelling requirement for advertising or the avoidance of covert advertising.

Influencers must therefore comply with extensive legal provisions in the field of IT and data protection law and also keep track of the large number of court rulings and other jurisdictions. This makes running a Twitch channel, an Instagram account or other social media appearances legally difficult. As an experienced lawyer, I can quickly, legally and with the help of modern means of communication such as Skype, Discord or Teamspeak advise on all these topics and mitigate the risks of a warning.

Freelancer Contracts

Especially in the IT and social media sector, freelancer contracts are very often represented. Legally, however, there are a number of things to consider both for the client and for the contractor. Special features of copyright and the Employee Invention Act should be observed as well as remuneration, consideration, reporting and, above all, social security law. Thanks to my experience as a lawyer and entrepreneur, I can provide special information and experience regarding documentation obligations, expenses and advantages and disadvantages of contractual clauses.

Focusing on your own success

Through my advice, I help streamers and influencers focus on what they do best: their own marketing or content creation. Effectively, I help in the background to act legally securely, to structure one’s own activity and thus not only to mitigate risks, but also to be successful in the long term with my own activity.

Warum sollten man als Streamer mit einem Rechtsanwalt zusammen arbeiten?