Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Games

Through some permanent mandates, I have meanwhile gained a lot of experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and combine this experience mainly with my other main areas of activity in terms of company formation, startups and computer games. The development and offering of computer games is a new trend and offers particular challenges in contract drafting due to the combination of advice on tax, regulatory as well as civil law issues, but in the evaluation of how an ICO, NFT, Utility Token, Security Token or Smart Contracts are actually legally “to be grasped”.

My technical understanding and interest makes it possible for me to accompany especially game developers or startups with ICO business models in setting up their structures in a legally secure way.

However, the areas of data protection, licensing law and the technical use of blockchain in computer games, as well as the legal issues surrounding the purchase, sale, generation or offering of tokens, coins and other constructs are also relevant when drafting cooperation agreements or general terms and conditions and are a major challenge due to the fact that there is hardly any case law or literature on these issues.

I associate contracting in these areas primarily with my usual approach of fast response times, a high level of digitalization, and my experience as a mentor and business consultant, especially for startups or investors.