Support and advice of agencies

In addition to advising startups, sole proprietors and consultants, I also advise numerous agencies, which in turn help streamers with marketing and/or professionalization, for example.

Not only do I support these agencies in establishing legally secure information by checking the terms and conditions, the data protection declarations or their website for legal errors, as well as by designing the marketing contracts, I also support these agencies in ensuring that the represented streamers, website and/or influencers.

The possibilities range from a monthly flat rate to secure smaller consultation requests from the affiliated artists/creators, to training discussions on topics such as data protection, competition law, copyright law or media law, to the representation of the Streamer/influencer to marketers, advertisers or authorities.

Such training/webinars not only help agencies to add value to their own activities, but also keep up with up-and-coming artists, streamers or other clients from regularly stepping into the same legal fat cups. The scope, content and regularity of such training is individually agreed and is adapted to their needs in cooperation with the agencies. These are carried out via the Internet, so the travel costs are not incurred.

In addition, I am of course also available to affiliated customers in legal matters and represent them in court and out of court and am flexibly available via various messenger channels, such as Discord, Skype or e-mail.

Contact me simply completely without obligation and we discuss the possibilities, your own needs and the costs.