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When it comes to setting up a company, it is essential to have a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner at your side. Whether you’re launching an innovative startup or taking a bold step into self-employment, the support of an expert who knows the industry can make all the difference between a thriving business and a failed venture. In this article, you’ll learn how I serve as your personal advisor, guiding you through the entire value chain of your business to ensure your entrepreneurial dreams become reality.

A solid start: decision-making aids and start-up support

Making the right decisions

The first step into self-employment or the founding of a startup is often the most difficult and at the same time the most important. There are a plethora of decisions to make, from choosing a business form to developing a business model. Without proper direction and knowledge of the industry, these decisions can be overwhelming. I will help you make the best decisions for your business by educating you on the various options, working with you to develop a clear vision for your venture, and helping you create an actionable business plan.

Statutes and founding documents

An essential aspect of the formation phase is the preparation of bylaws and other founding documents. These documents are the legal and organizational foundation of your business. I can assist you in drafting these documents to ensure they meet legal requirements, reflect your business goals, and help you avoid future legal challenges.

Promoting collaboration: Mediation between founders

Harmonious partnerships

Collaboration between founders is critical to the success of a business. There are often different opinions, visions and expectations that can lead to conflicts. As your advisor, I mediate discussions between founders and help define common goals, build harmonious working relationships, and create a corporate culture that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Process optimization and contract management

Optimization of business processes

For established companies, it is important to constantly look for ways to optimize their own processes. This includes analyzing workflows, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing technology to increase efficiency. I help you analyze your processes and identify opportunities for improvement to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately increase your competitiveness.

Preparation of contracts

Contracts are the backbone of any business and play a crucial role in its legal protection. Be it general terms and conditions (GTC), employment contracts, partnership agreements or license agreements, I can help you draft and review contracts. In doing so, I make sure that they serve your interests, are legally protected and minimize potential risks.

Financing and growth: support in raising capital

Contract creation and optimization

If you’re a startup or business that needs extra cash to grow or fund new projects, it’s important to have the right contracts in place. I help not only with the preparation and optimization of contracts, but also with the development of a financing strategy that supports your business goals.

Strategic support during negotiations

Successful negotiations require a clear strategy, negotiation skills and a deep understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. I am at your side to ensure that you go into negotiations with investors and partners well prepared. Together, we develop a strategy that highlights your strengths, minimizes risks, and helps you achieve the best possible terms.

Transparent and fair billing: no surprises

Cost transparency

One of my main concerns is to charge transparently and fairly. I always charge on an hourly basis, and I only incur costs if I have explained them to you beforehand. This way you always have full control over the costs and can be sure that there are no hidden fees. This creates a basis of trust and allows you to focus on what really matters – your business.

Added value for clients

My goal is that you, as a client, achieve added value by working with me. I strive to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure you receive the support you need to make your business a success. This also means that I am continually educating myself to provide you with the most current and effective strategies and solutions.

Conclusion: Your success is our common goal

In today’s fast-paced business world, where technologies and markets are constantly evolving, it is more important than ever to have an experienced partner at your side to guide you through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. From start-up to process optimization to capital raising, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

With transparent billing, tailored advice and an unwavering commitment to your success, I provide the tools and expertise you need to build and grow your business. I always take into account the specifics of your industry and market to provide customized solutions.

Let’s work together to turn your vision into reality and make your company a shining example of innovation and excellence. Your success is our common goal, and I look forward to accompanying you on your journey and seeing your dreams and ambitions come to fruition.

In addition to one-on-one consulting, I also offer workshops and training to strengthen your team in key areas and ensure that your business as a whole grows and thrives.

In a world full of opportunities, it is crucial to make the right decisions and have the right partners at your side. With my support, you can be sure that you are not alone on the road to success.

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