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Support with the independence

I help with the foundation, the structure and the success of the own self-employment

What do I do?

I help freelancers, streamers, game developers, IT service providers, Esport teams, and other creatives start businesses. Founding a new company offers many opportunities to realize one’s own ideas – but also involves dangers, as numerous legal pitfalls can represent a considerable financial risk for the startup, the founders and the investors.

In doing so, I combine my own experience as an entrepreneur and founder with my experience as a lawyer. What is important to me in my consulting is absolute individuality, oriented to the needs of the client and designed in such a way that my client derives clear added value from my cooperation.

My advice usually begins with a discussion of which legal form makes sense and what advantages and disadvantages result from the respective legal forms. After that I advise and accompany my clients in the foundation phase and assist them with notaries, courts and authorities with words and deeds. In doing so, I take away the clients’ fear of founding a company and advise on the individual steps in case of uncertainty.

What do I offer?

I draw up preparatory contracts such as shareholder agreements, NDAs, project agreements or slicing-pie agreements for my clients at the appropriate time and advise on the interfaces with tax advice, social security and commercial law. One focus is on publishing contracts, but also on protecting one’s own idea in pitches to clients. For founders, I prepare expert opinions on the feasibility of business models and on legal risks so that these can be used in discussions with investors.

Of course, I can advise particularly effectively in my special fields of digital media, computer games and e-sports, and can therefore also take into account many business aspects in this area when setting up a company and drafting contracts. But also in the field of e-commerce and other IT issues I can offer qualified advice, because my personal area of interest lies in the special issues, challenges and developments of the digital evolution of our society.

I support founders in the often unmanageable multitude of economic, strategic and legal issues.

What happens next?

After the start-up, I regularly assist my clients with growth, negotiations and legal issues related to investors, employees, customers and suppliers. In cooperation with other experts, I can also keep an eye on tax aspects.

I regularly answer trademark, competition and copyright questions in the form of an outsourced legal department. It is always important to me to reduce personal liability, to protect one’s own ideas and brands, to protect against warnings from competitors and to provide legal support in connection with investors and contractual partners.

In doing so, I serve my clients throughout the entire life cycle, many for more than 10 years.