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Specialized legal advice for publishing and marketing from your expert law firm

Lawyer for customized contracts in the gaming sector and beyond

As an experienced lawyer with a focus on the games industry, I offer professional support in my office for the drafting of publishing agreements, contracts with freelancers, marketing agreements and other partner agreements. In the fast-paced and complex world of games, or computer games, it is critical to be legally protected. I understand the specific challenges and requirements of the industry and work closely with you to create customized contracts that protect your interests. But I am not only your contact in the games industry, but also when it comes to publishing and marketing other products like movies, books or other content.

Firm with versatile expertise in marketing and publishing

My firm specializes in advising companies and individuals in various creative industries, the games industry being just one example. Whether you’re a developer, publisher, writer, filmmaker, or freelancer, I can help you create the right contracts for your needs. From publishing agreements that ensure your work is successfully published to marketing agreements that strengthen your brand, I’m your go-to lawyer for all publishing and marketing legal needs.

Protect your creative projects with an experienced lawyer

In the creative industries, be it games, film or books, solid contracts are essential to protect your projects and investments. As your attorney, I will ensure that your contracts are not only legally sound, but also take into account your specific goals and needs. My firm is known for its meticulous approach and commitment to excellence. Let me be your trusted partner in ensuring that your creative projects, whether computer games, movies, books or other content, are on firm legal footing.

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