Time and again: Advertising with warranty conditions

Time and again, advertising with guarantees for certain products is a case for the courts. Sometimes it’s eBay itself, sometimes it’s missing conditions, sometimes it’s unclear conditions.

I have written a little more about this in this article.

However, this cannot be dispensed with, because many people are probably unaware that the lack of reference to a guarantee, if there is one, is also a reason to warn.

The District Court of Weiden has now delivered a further ruling on the subject, taking the view that a reference to the terms of a general terms and conditions is not sufficient if they are only “hidden” in GTC.

In the present case, an item with a five-year guarantee was offered. The exact warranty conditions could only be found if the information on the manufacturer’s terms and conditions had previously been found in the terms and conditions of the online retailer.

The district court found this to be insufficient and classified the design of the eBay auction as a breach of competition.

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