The Baden-Württemberg State Labour Court has ruled that a dismissal of a worker for massive insults and Islamophobic remarks in WhatsApp messages is lawful.

The severely disabled applicant has been employed by the applicant since 1996. He most recently worked at the Untertürkheim plant as a plant warden. On 4 June 2018, the defendant Daimler AG issued a notice of termination without notice. Daimler AG based the dismissal on massive insults by a Turkish colleague of the Muslim faith (including “ugly Turk”, “goat fucker”) and the sending of image files via WhatsApp with an Islamophobic background (among others, “We build a Muslim “).

The plaintiff denied the insults. The WhatsApp messages are satirical content. The applicant did not adopt its content as its own. An extraordinary dismissal was no longer admissible on 4 June 2018 because the defendant had delayed the investigation too much. The representatives of the severely disabled were also not properly consulted.

By judgment of 29 November 2018, the Labour Court in Stuttgart dismissed the action. The applicant has appealed against that judgment.

The Land Labour Court rejected the applicant’s appeal. The LAG also considered the termination to be effective. According to the Appeals Chamber, the WhatsApp messages sent to colleagues are already a reason for extraordinary dismissal. The contents of the WhatsApp messages are a massive insult to the work colleague of the Muslim faith. The content transmitted was inhumane and did not cover freedom of expression.

That also applies in the light of the applicant’s long service and serious disability. The dismissal was declared after proper consultation of the works council and the severely disabled representative within the time limit to be observed.

The appeal to the Federal Labour Court has not been allowed.

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