English version of the website

English version of the website 1

In the last week I have invested a lot of work to make my website multilingual, so that all texts as well as navigation and the like are available in English and German.

I have succeeded in so much of this and I can now make it official on this homepage. Users who have not set a German language should be automatically redirected to the English website, but can of course switch to the German website at any time.

Since I am a lawyer based in Germany, I naturally focus mainly on German-language content and use automatic tools to translate and optimize the English version of the website. Even if the translation tools go far beyond a Google translation, they can be hacked or wrong. In addition, the content is still incomplete. Currently, less than 10% of the blog posts are translated. On the German version there are more than 1000 articles.

I try to expand the English-language website regularly and of course you can give me feedback at any time if a translation is illogical or even wrong. I then try to improve them manually.

The contact form is of course also translated and since I master fluent business English and can also create and/or correct contracts in English, you can of course contact me in English in the usual ways.

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