I had planned to do it a few times last year, but in the end my little, newborn daughter, and numerous mandates and projects kept me from it. But now I finally want to tackle the project YouTube channel, and maybe Twitch stream.

The beginning is my small, fine channel on YouTube and a first introduction video.

Of course, I still lack infinite experience on YouTube and in creating video, which is why there is certainly “Room for Improvement” enough. So feel free to send me feedback on the video, the quality, tips & tricks or offers of cooperation via email, Twitter or any other means.

Of course I would also be very happy about a subscription, if only to be able to choose a meaningful URL for the channel 😉

As announced in the video, I would be equally happy if there is feedback on new topics for more videos or just legal issues.

I would like to maintain the channel for all interested parties, not only to pass on information and of course to bring my offers to the man, but to continue to promote Esport teams, young streamers and the like and to put their activities on legally secure feet.

Enjoy the video!

P.S. I will also create smaller videos for the other sections here on the site to improve the abundance of information!

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