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Why Germany is the ideal location for founding IT and media companies

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In an era of globalization and digitization, many companies, whether start-ups or established, are faced with the question of the optimal location for founding or expansion. Germany is often the focus of attention, and for good reason. Despite all the prophecies of doom and skepticism sometimes heard in the media, Germany remains an attractive location for IT and media companies, SaaS providers, games companies, and e-commerce platforms. This article highlights why Germany is an excellent choice not only for European, but also for Asian, U.S., South American and African companies planning or expanding a European headquarters. There are many reasons for this, ranging from legal certainty and geographical location to a skilled workforce.

Legal certainty

Germany offers a high level of legal certainty, which is invaluable for companies in the fast-moving IT and media industry. The German legal system is one of the best developed in the world, providing clear guidelines and regulations to help companies do business. This is particularly important in areas such as copyright law, competition law and IT law, where the legal situation can be complex and constantly changing. Legal certainty is also a decisive factor for foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in a new market. You can trust that contracts in Germany are enforceable and that the legal system is transparent and predictable.

Another important aspect is that Germany is a member of the European Union. This offers companies access not only to the German market, but also to the other 26 member states of the EU. The EU has harmonized laws and regulations in many areas, which makes doing business within the Union much easier. Companies that establish themselves in Germany thus benefit from legal certainty and business opportunities throughout the European region.

Unlike countries such as the UK, which has left the EU, there are no tax or regulatory restrictions in Germany that would make it difficult to trade with other EU countries. This is a key advantage for companies seeking a broad European presence. You don’t have to deal with different tax systems or regulatory hurdles that could complicate business operations.

This reduces risk and makes Germany an attractive location for companies from all over the world that have their sights set not only on the German market but also on the European market. The legal certainty provided by EU membership is another building block that makes Germany one of the best places to start and expand a business.

Good command of English

The widespread knowledge of English in Germany is another asset that is often underestimated. In a globalized world, the ability to communicate effectively in English is invaluable. This makes international business much easier and is a decisive factor for companies from Asia, the USA, South America and Africa that want to open a European headquarters. Communication runs smoothly, misunderstandings are minimized, and the induction of international employees is facilitated. This is particularly important for IT and media companies, where communication between teams from different countries is often crucial to the success of a project.

Central location in Europe

Germany’s geographic location in the heart of Europe makes it an ideal hub for doing business on the continent. With excellent transport links, both road and air, and proximity to major European markets, Germany is a logistical dream for companies looking to expand in Europe. The central location enables companies to react quickly and efficiently to changes in the market. In addition, Germany is a member of the European Union, which facilitates access to one of the largest economic areas in the world. This is particularly attractive for companies from Asia, the U.S., South America and Africa looking to enter the European market or expand their presence there.

Another key advantage is Germany’s first-class digital infrastructure, in particular the central backbone connection in Frankfurt am Main at DE-CIX (German Commercial Internet Exchange). This Internet hub is one of the largest in the world and enables extremely fast and reliable data connections. This central connection not only optimizes data traffic within Europe, but also makes connections to the Middle East or Asia particularly effective. This makes Germany an ideal location for companies that rely on fast and reliable server connections, whether for cloud services, e-commerce platforms or other data-intensive applications.

Independent courts

The independence of the German courts is another important factor in favor of choosing Germany as a business location. In Germany, companies can be confident that legal disputes will be handled fairly and impartially. This creates an environment in which companies can operate with confidence. They know that their interests are protected and that they can count on a fair trial in the event of a legal dispute. This is especially important for foreign companies looking to establish themselves in a new market and seeking legal certainty and fairness.

Another aspect that underscores the independence of the German courts is the fact that they are not controlled by the legislative and executive branches. This ensures a true separation of powers and protects the integrity of the legal system. In addition, the German court system has various levels of self-regulation, from the district courts to the regional courts to the higher regional courts and the Federal Court of Justice. This hierarchy allows for review of decisions and contributes to the quality and consistency of case law.

Another advantage of the German legal system is its focus on statutory regulations rather than case law, as is the case in the Anglo-American legal system, for example. This offers companies better planning capability, especially when it comes to innovative business models. Since jurisdiction in Germany is largely based on laws, companies can better plan their business strategies and are less vulnerable to unpredictable court decisions.

Overall, the German legal system, with its independence, self-regulation and statutory orientation, provides a solid foundation for companies wishing to operate in a stable and predictable legal environment. This makes Germany a particularly attractive location for companies from all over the world.

Other legal aspects

In addition to the points already mentioned, Germany also offers a wide range of tax incentives and support programs for start-ups and established companies. These range from tax relief for research and development to special funding programs for innovative projects. These incentives can significantly help reduce start-up costs and facilitate the expansion of established companies. The ability to hire qualified workers and a high level of education are further plus points that make Germany an attractive location for start-ups. The German education system, especially in engineering and computer science, is recognized worldwide and produces a large number of highly qualified graduates every year.

German labor law offers both employers and employees a balanced framework that takes into account the rights and obligations of both sides. This creates a stable working environment that is crucial to the company’s success. Employers can be confident that they are able to make personnel decisions that are in the best interest of the company, while employees benefit from strong health and safety laws.

In addition, Germany is a leader in research and development, especially in the fields of IT and engineering. This provides companies with access to the latest technologies and research results. Many German universities and research institutes work closely with industry, which facilitates the transfer of knowledge and technology. This is a key advantage for companies that want to be at the forefront of technological development.

In addition to its strong research and development landscape, Germany also offers a robust infrastructure in terms of Internet speed and reliability, energy supply and public transportation. These factors all help to keep business operations running smoothly and efficiently, which in turn increases Germany’s attractiveness as a location for business startups and expansion.

Overall, Germany offers a combination of tax incentives, a skilled workforce, balanced labor laws, and leading positions in research and development that make it one of the world’s most attractive countries for business start-ups and expansions.

How I can help as a lawyer

As an experienced lawyer in the field of IT and media law, I provide legal support to companies setting up a new subsidiary in Germany. With my expertise in supporting start-ups, as an interim CEO and in drafting contracts, I can greatly facilitate the process of setting up or expanding a business in Germany. My many years of experience as an entrepreneur are incorporated into my advice, which enables me to consider not only legal but also business perspectives. This is especially valuable for companies from Asia, the U.S., South America and Africa that need to navigate a new, complex market.

In addition, I bring 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and have extensive experience dealing with Asian and US companies. This makes me an ideal partner for the first establishment of a branch in Germany. I can provide comprehensive assistance in both corporate law and actual planning. My focus is on innovative business models, which is particularly beneficial for start-ups and technology companies.

All in all, therefore, Germany offers all the prerequisites for a successful start-up in the IT and media sector. It is worth seriously considering the opportunities this country offers, whether you are a European, Asian, American or African company. With my extensive experience and expertise, I will be at your side as a competent partner to make the process of setting up a business in this promising market as smooth as possible.

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel is a lawyer and entrepreneur specializing in copyright law, competition law and IT/IP law, with a focus on games, esports, media and blockchain.


03322 5078053


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