Current seem to be sent by e-mail forgeries of default judgments, which want to achieve the call to a number, allegedly a law firm in Nuremberg, by pretending that the recipient must otherwise pay 33,000.00 euros + costs to a Win Keles 49 online casino lottery.

Fortunately, the excerpt of the judgment is relatively badly falsified, because neither (with exceptions in tenancy law) is a district court at all competent for a claim of 33,000.00 euros, nor is it likely that such a judgment would bear a file number from 2011. Section 313a of the Code of Civil Procedure is also not relevant here, because there would of course be legal remedies against a default judgment.

The easiest way is probably to simply delete the email. You do a favor to other recipients, who may be less confident in dealing with such an email, if you actually file criminal charges.

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