Comparison to influencer sneaking advertising

I have already written in the blog about the current verdicts on influencers and sneaky advertising. You can read this directly from the search here. I also explained that the topic also affects other influencers, streamers or esports teams.

Although the risk is really very high to receive a warning and then to be stuck in a quandary as to whether to make a possible complicated declaration of injunction or face legal proceedings, I have been on my regular visits to Twitter or Facebook still constantly feel that many are not taking the situation seriously.

What is advertising with discount codes all about?

To make it clear again: if you advertise a service, product, online shop, manufacturer or anything commercial on a social media platform or on your own website, then it must be clear from the post that the post is a good thing. Advertising is trade and, of course, it must also be made clear if there is a consideration for the postal service. Since courts currently decide even up to the Higher Regional Courts that an advertising mail must be marked without consideration, I think this applies even more to posts that, for example, have only an indirect consideration. Thus, if you advertise as a streamer, esports team or other person/company with a certain reach and/or with commercial intentions a product or an online shop with a discount code, for example, in the manner of “Go to XY and save with the code TollerHerstellerXY 20“, then this is to be labelled accordingly and sufficiently. This applies in particular if, as usual, a commission is also paid to the team/streamer/influencer for each product sold and, of course, if such posts are made in the context of monthly payments or in return for the provision of hardware, for example, to their own players. It is precisely this fact that must be made clear by appropriate labelling. Apart from the decision of the District Court of Heilbronn,there are still no direct decisions. However, the trend is unmistakable and does not really require any other assessment.

And therefore…

Also, one will rather not be able to say that everyone is aware that advertising with a discount code is commercial communication. The courts have so far, directly or indirectly, indicated in all decisions that the personal touch on social media channels, often also mixed with personal content, non-commercial information and many more, is a stricter scale than, for example, on a company side.

Don’t take any risks, get advice and act professionally. You can save yourself a lot of trouble.

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