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  • Preparing for Brexit? 4

    Preparing for Brexit?

    Even if you never know for sure, it looks as if the UK will leave the European Union on 1 November 2019. Larger companies, with supply chains, UK staff and many other relationships with the UK, have been making logistical and legal arrangements for a slow deal if an unregulated Brexit is to happen. Really […] More

  • Facebook must delete similar, illegal content! 5
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    Facebook must delete similar, illegal content!

    EU law does not prevent a hosting provider such as Facebook from with a previously declared illegal comment, the same word for the and, under certain circumstances, to remove similar comments. That was decided by the ECJ on Friday. NOR does EU law prevent such an injunction from being relevant international law, the consideration of […] More

  • No more phone numbers necessary in the imprint! 7
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    No more phone numbers necessary in the imprint!

    I have already reported on the case in this article and the ECJ has thus joined The Advocate General, as is so often the case. So I don’t want to repeat myself in a great way. The European Court of Justice on this: Art. 1 book. c Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of […] More

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    ECJ on the definition of communication services and regulation

    In response to a request from the Higher Administrative Court of Münster, the ECJ delivered its ruling on the question whether Gmail is an electronic communications service within the meaning of the Framework Directive 2002/21 for electronic communications networks and services and would therefore be subject to the regulation of the Federal Network Agency in […] More

  • Geoblocking Regulation and Purchase on Account 9
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    Geoblocking Regulation and Purchase on Account

    Whether online services, apps, SaaS providers, hosting providers, online shops or other companies that offer services or products over the Internet: Since the end of last year, the Geoblocking Regulation has been in force, forcing providers to take in residents from all of them! not to discriminate against EU countries by treating them differently on […] More

  • ECJ: Amazon doesn't have to offer users a phone number 10
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    ECJ: Amazon doesn’t have to offer users a phone number

    The Federal Association of Consumer Centres and Consumer Associations, Consumer Association of the German Federal Association of Consumers, sued Amazon before the German courts with the aim of finding that Amazon was in breach of the german law in force, which was Consumer Policy requires the trader to provide the telephone number and, where appropriate, […] More