Gaming and eSports have long since arrived in the mainstream of society. Since the invention of the first computer games, gaming as a hobby has become eSports as a professional industry. Today we are talking about a global cultural phenomenon and ecosystem of fans, gamers, companies, sponsors and professional players. During these years, the culture and market for eSports continue to develop rapidly.

While Germany lags behind the trend, Denmark is committed to strategically supporting eSports on many different levels. That’s a good thing, because it’s about investing in future generations and future technologies, the further development of digital society, growth, healthy gaming culture, and much more. Things that politicians in Germany do not understand.

Denmark is so much further ahead here.

Together with stakeholders from politics, education, business and gaming, the aim is to create a platform to put the potential of eSports in digital society on the agenda and to further intensify the dialog:

How can policy continue to support the development of eSports culture? How can eSports be integrated into schools and educational institutions and digital competencies be promoted? What opportunities are there for companies?

On September 10, I will be able to discuss this with colleagues and other invitees at the Danish Embassy, including a welcome by Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen.

I am very excited and happy about the invitation!

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