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Let's celebrate together 1000 articles full of expertise: IT Law, Blockchain, Privacy and more!

A significant milestone: 1000 articles

I am pleased to announce that this blog now has a whopping 1000 articles on various topics related to IT law, blockchain, data protection law, copyright law, competition law, games law and the law of Esports. It is a great milestone that we have reached thanks to the support and interest of the readers.

Internationally available: English versions

In order to reach a wider audience, all articles are available not only in German but also in English. This allows the information and insights to be shared with a global readership and encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences. This way, international readers can also benefit from this comprehensive knowledge and participate with the community in the development of solutions and strategies in the areas of IT law, blockchain, data protection law and more. Speaking of the community: More about that in May!

Judgment reviews: stay informed!

The blog contains detailed reviews of recent judgments relevant to IT law, blockchain, data protection law, copyright law, competition law, games law and Esports. These meetings help to understand complex legal issues and provide practical examples of how to apply laws and regulations in real-life situations. As a result, readers gain valuable insights into current case law and stay informed, enabling them to make informed decisions and minimize potential legal risks.

General IT Law News: Always up to date

In addition to verdict reviews, readers will also find general IT law news on this blog, which helps to stay up to date and follow the latest developments in IT law. The regularly published news articles cover a wide range of topics, from legislative changes to technological advances and industry trends. With this additional information, readers can develop a comprehensive understanding of the current challenges and opportunities in IT law and thus be better prepared for future developments.

Drafting contracts: Important notes

In many articles, it provides important advice on contract drafting and shows how contracts can be drafted in a legally secure and effective manner. By providing best practices, sample contracts, and concrete examples, the blog helps readers create custom contracts based on their needs and goals. In addition, common pitfalls and stumbling blocks in contract negotiations and conclusions are also addressed in order to avoid potential conflicts and legal problems. This way, everyone can be sure that their own contracts comply with current legal requirements and that the interests of all parties involved are adequately taken into account. For more, you will find in me a contract lawyer with 20 years of professional experience!

Company setup: step by step

Do some readers dream of starting their own business in IT? The blog offers numerous tips and advice on how to approach building your own business step by step. From brainstorming and business planning to choosing a legal form, implementing marketing strategies and recruiting employees, the blog covers all aspects of setting up a business. In addition, success stories and case studies will be presented to draw inspiration and valuable lessons from real-world experiences. This comprehensive support gives prospective founders the tools they need to successfully set up and run their IT company.

Investors and financing: How we master the challenges

Dealing with investors and financing a business can be complicated. The blog offers helpful information and advice to successfully overcome these challenges. Readers will learn how to create compelling pitch presentations, evaluate different funding sources, and find the right investors for their company. It also covers topics such as negotiation tactics, valuation methods, and due diligence processes to give readers a comprehensive understanding of the investor landscape and financing aspects of IT. By engaging with this content, readers will be better prepared to make informed decisions regarding investors and financing options to successfully grow their business.

Professionalization of self-employment: How to succeed

The blog helps professionalize self-employment in IT by providing valuable tips and advice on how to expand and optimize skills and knowledge. In addition to the content on the blog, as a business consultant I also personally support the professionalization of IT companies and self-employed people by offering individual consulting and customized solutions. Topics such as time management, productivity, networking, and personal development are emphasized to increase efficiency and success in self-employment. In addition, the blog also reports on current industry trends, technological innovations and successful business models to show readers a wide range of opportunities and perspectives. This comprehensive support – both online and in person – makes it possible to operate successfully in the IT industry as a self-employed person and to continuously expand one’s own business success.

Regular updating: always new content

With constant updating of content on this blog, the goal is to continually provide the most current information and developments in IT law and related topics. So a regular visit is worthwhile!

Let us celebrate together and continue to grow

Finally, I would like to thank all readers once again for their support, interest and loyalty. Without the readership, this milestone of 1000 articles would not have been possible. Let’s celebrate together and continue to grow together. It is a pleasure to continue to provide the community with more valuable information, advice and insights around IT law, blockchain, privacy law, copyright law, competition law, games law and the law of Esports. Stay tuned and visit the blog regularly to benefit from the latest developments and insights.

P.S.: Given the high diversity of articles and the specialization in IT law, combined with the constant effort not to post too similar content and duplicate judgments, it is a challenge to provide new content on a daily basis. However, the goal remains to continuously provide relevant and unique information. In this context, we ask for your understanding if there should occasionally not be new content every day. Work is ongoing to research and publish quality articles and information that are helpful and offer interesting insights.

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel is a lawyer and entrepreneur specializing in copyright law, competition law and IT/IP law, with a focus on games, esports, media and blockchain.


03322 5078053