What is it all about?

There is also a great competition between streamers and influencers. Twitch channels are now en masse and YouTube is heillos overcrowded.

So how can you make your own channel better known as a streamer, or how can you attract attention as an influencer to potential advertisers without getting into the warning trap? And how should you deal with marketing companies? Here are a few things to look out for. I have already named a few of them here and here.

What should be considered?

Important points that should be taken into account are, of course, data protection law, competition law and copyright law. In copyright law, all rights should be checked and above all not only of self-procured assets, but also of graphics, sounds etc. created and/or sent by third parties. Agreements with advertisers, for example, should include a so-called exemption clause in order to avoid mistakes made by the partners. The target of a warning lawyer remains the streamer or influencer directly. Whether recourse claims against one’s own partner are then possible can only be examined later.

As the influencer scene has become one of the most important marketing channels for IT companies or for manufacturers of lifestyle products, there is great interest and opportunities for influencers at the same time. But where money can be earned, there are also competitors: And they sometimes watch exactly what other influencers do on their Instagram accounts or in their Youtube channels. Warning options then range from missing imprint information, to trademarks and/or copyright infringements to problems from the UWG due to incorrectly drawn sponsored posts or product placements.

My specialization in streamers and influencers

As a lawyer with a particular penchant for IT law, both privately and professionally, I specialize in influencers, streamers and social media companies in addition to the issues of game law and those of esports. In doing so, I focus on helping young, aspiring streamers, Twitchers or influencers to act legally securely, so as not to fall into the warning trap if possible. For a low flat rate I offer an initial consultation.

However, when it comes to cooperation with larger brand owners, with influencer networks or with agencies, care should be taken above all to ensure that the relevant contracts are fair and secure for both sides. This is the only way to ensure long-term cooperation.

This starts with the amount of payment, the period of reporting, but also includes questions whether, for example, prizes in kind or cash may be raffled off in a competition among followers. From a certain volume of enquiries and payments, questions may also arise, the establishment of a business. As a lawyer and entrepreneur, who has already founded and managed numerous companies himself, and even more of them, I can also reliably assist here. A few important reasons for this can be found in this blog post.


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