Visa facilitation for esportsmen

I mentioned it in my article on the DOSB, but I would like to make a short extra post about it again.

In the 68th edition of the Foreign Office visa manual, there are now some facilitations for esports men from outside the European Union. After that, it is now possible for athletes from third countries to enter Germany in a simplified procedure, for a short time for participation in tournaments, but also for test and selection matches. The stay may not exceed 90 days per year.

The approval of the Employment Agency, which I have just mentioned here, is no longer needed.

In the preliminary edition of the handbook, esport did not yet fall under the concept of sport. The new regulation now reads:

“In the light of the changing concept of sport and the corresponding agreement in the coalition agreement, e-sports events can […] but now be subsumed in contrast to international sporting events […] as an “event of a sporting character”.”

But beware: this rule does not apply if an esport team wants to let a foreign player enter permanently. This still requires a full procedure and a work permit.


Esport: Liability for Cheating and Exploiting

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