YouTube: Basic Thoughts on Self-Employment and Professionalization

While I am still tinkering with the improvements of my skills as a YouTuber (a more professional microphone has already been purchased), I have thought a few things in today’s video about what to consider, for example, if you want to become self-employed as an esports team or as a streamer/YouTuber or if you are seriously planning to perform professionally on the market.

As always, I’m grateful for feedback, even though I know I can still improve illumination, sound and the like in the upcoming videos. Also always welcome are “reader questions” for my VLOG. It’s best to send them to [email protected] or ask briefly via Twitter. The most interesting videos will be later on the ones that answer specific questions. So get on with it.


Police officers also have a right to their own image

What do you think?


Written by Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel specializes in the areas of competition law, copyright law and IT/IP law and specializes in computer games, sports, marketing and streamers/influencers. He supports start-ups in their development, assists them with all legal problems and supports them in business development.

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