Debcon is a red rag for numerous IT lawyers who also handle file-sharing cease-and-desist letters. The reason for this is that they continue to send begging letters even after many years of being mandated, so that clients do settle the alleged claims.

I have not forwarded these faxes for a long time, I just shred them. I have also long since given up trying to understand how the random sums, which are different in every letter, are arrived at.

Probably my shredder will get some work now, because Debcon is active again:

But also my clients do not have to be afraid, because, in contrast to possibly seriously acting file sharing warning letters, whose letters should be taken seriously and responded to, most Debcon claims probably originate, for example, from warning letters from the scandalous law firm U+C and from other worthless letters.

I guess I’ll switch back to receiving faxes by email, then I won’t have to cut down so many trees to ignore these letters 😉

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