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Employees of the BRD-GmbH must also pay broadcasting fees

This post is also available in: Deutsch

Sometimes there are judgments that are just fun to read!

A citizen of the Reich brought an action before the Cologne Administrative Court to be exempted from the broadcasting fee.

The judge, however, probably had enough humor for further legal arguments. In addition to exciting explanations of the inadmissibility of the refusal of the judge to present the plaintiff probably enough reading material, among other things, with the Sachsenspiegel and the Magna Carta

The plaintiff’s request for recusal is in abuse of rights and therefore irrelevant for the recused single judge. The prohibition of abuse of rights arises from the legal principle of good faith(bona fides; cf. para. 5 Pr. EuGRCh i.V.m. Art. 1 Magna Carta [1215]; Sachsenspiegel [between 1220 and 1235] Landrecht I. Buch Art. 7, III. Buch Art. 78; Siete Partidas [mid-13th century], Partida III, Titulo I, Leyes I y III, Titulo XXXII, Ley XXI; S. 3 d. schweiz. Bundesbriefs [1291]; Liber sextus [1298] 5, 13, 75; Book IV Title 16 Art. 4 § 1 Landrecht d. Hzgt. Prussia [1620]; § 270 I 5, § 539 I 11, § 2024 II 8 PrALR [1794]; § 858 SächsBGB [1865]; Art. 8 para. 2 p. 1 EuGRCh; §§ 157, 162, 242, 275 para. 2, § 307 para. 1, § 320 para. 2, § 815 BGB; § 1 StVO; Art. 5 para. 3, Art. 9, 44 para. 2 p. 1 swiss. BV; Art. 2 ZGB; § 914 ABGB; Art. 1104 Code civil;


this leads out

Anyone who appeals to a court that he does not recognize is behaving in a blatantly contradictory manner. Legal protection by the judiciary can only be obtained on the basis of the Basic Law and within the framework of the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and its Länder. Only the Basic Law guarantees any legal protection at all against measures taken by the executive. Anyone who casts doubt on the entire legal system of the Federal Republic and thus also on the existence or legitimacy of the judiciary to which he appeals is behaving inconsistently and is violating his duty to conduct proceedings in good faith. A legal system that takes itself seriously cannot ignore or even encourage disrespect for itself. It otherwise creates incentives to violate the law, discriminates against law-abiding behavior, and thereby undermines the conditions of its own effectiveness.


and concretizes this


The plaintiff has behaved contradictorily, because on the one hand he has asked the cognizing court for legal protection, on the other hand he has denied the legitimacy of the court by wanting to let only the state legislation before 01.01.1914 apply to his person in a written statement dated 23.11.2018. In addition, in a written statement dated November 12, 2018, he claimed that his person no longer legally existed; to the defendant, in a letter dated March 24, 2018, he claimed that this person was deceased. These statements also contradict the legal protection sought for his person.


I guess the good man doesn’t mess with the court anymore 😉

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel is a lawyer and entrepreneur specializing in copyright law, competition law and IT/IP law, with a focus on games, esports, media and blockchain.


03322 5078053


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