I wish you a happy year 2020

I wish you a happy year 2020 1

I wish all readers of the blog and all clients a happy New Year 2020.

Especially in the field of esports and streamers I am planning some news next year and also features like a community and a legal flat rate here on the site or in my work as a lawyer.

The year 2019 was very successful, with one of the successful creation of a double-digit amount of player and marketing contracts, terms and conditions, sponsorship contracts, an almost double-digit number of new companies, which I needed to accompany and a three-digit number of new and old clients, which I was able to support satisfactorily.

Since the current phase is of course also quiet in news and judgments and I also have to give myself a little relaxation and rest, it will continue with content here at the latest from the middle of the year and hopefully also some features can be announced quickly, for which I then need testers. I would especially like to expand my own digitalization via the website and secure communication channels with clients.

By the way, if you are at the Dreamhack in Leipzig, you can already bombard me with appointment questions about haertel@rahaertel.com. However, I will only be there on 24.01.2020, but I am happy to meet everyone and new contacts.

Thank you for working together in 2019 and for a great year 2020!

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