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Use professional services in esport

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Why is it important to use professional services and consultants as an Esport Team or Player to also perform professionally? Easy

In order to have a professional presence, to establish investors, sponsors and other important factors in the long term, the following things are indispensable:

  • A professional approach to the “Company Esport”. This starts with the use of company forms, the use of contracts for players AND sponsors and ends with adhered to agreements.
  • A professional structure that relies on people in the team that can be relied upon, if only because they are bound to the team by a contract of employment. However, this is also true of the fact that people who know each other are used in different areas. The graphics should not be made suddenly by the web designer and the accounting should not by the programmer. The managing director, in turn, holds the “company” together and coordinates everything.
  • Professional documents must also be used. This starts with contracts that can be found as a model in or which, albeit with slightly higher ones, are designed by a lawyer. This also includes professional sponsorship folders, Excellists and much more.

If you look at the sponsorship folders That I have seen from various semi-professional teams, for example, I am not surprised if they have problems finding long-term sponsors or supporters, which in turn will build up the team. can support it. This started with family photos on the first page and ended with a lack of information about the team, prizes, hints about what a sponsor receives for its sponsorship and many more. The graphic design was also generally completely deficient. On, we are currently offering a sponsorship folder, which is also individually designed, i.e. also responds to the concrete data. This individual design currently costs 500.00 euros including VAT. That may sound a lot. In turn, however, one must also ask how one as a team would expect a sponsor to pay perhaps 2000.00 euros per month to support the organization, if you are not even prepared to invest 500.00 euros in a proper sponsorship deck? Or why be willing as a sponsor to support a team if they are not willing to invest money in good graphics or a good homepage?

Players ask the same questions. Why should I, as a player, be prepared to stay with a team, do my best and ensure continuity when the “manager” is not willing to invest money in decent contracts or to leave me a little hardware?

Finally, there is the same problem with the fans and viewers. Sponsors will, as a rule, be interested in the reach on social media, the size of which will also influence the amount of sponsorship.

But how can you achieve a good range if you don’t have a person who organizes this, if you don’t use decent graphics, have video trailers professionally cut and designed, or if you don’t have your own streamers with proper overlays and reasonable contracts?

The services that we are currently offering on and will continue to expand in the future are certainly not suitable for every team. If you just want to play some counterstrike together, you won’t have a reasonable need for a lawyer, nor will you be interested in spending 50.00 euros on an announcement graphic.

However, a team that has the ambitions to perform professionally and, at least in the medium term, also wants to make money with esport, and thus wants to make hobby a profession, should think carefully about escaping the lethargy, which is still partly present, and money too Invest.

Without professional structures and professional help, a team, in today’s world, will no longer be able to gain any significance and certainly not win a potent sponsor. Our sellers on offer services for every budget and we will continue to expand our selection. For nothing, however, there will be no good services and if so, then again there is no continuity and reliance on the person that he can help regularly and deliver professionally.

As Managing Director of Esports Consulting GmbH, I am therefore convinced that offering and, above all, the use of professional services, as well as, of course, establishing contacts, is essential for professionalization.

Of course, I am happy to take part in the discussion and we are happy to accept suggestions for optimization.

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel is a lawyer and entrepreneur specializing in copyright law, competition law and IT/IP law, with a focus on games, esports, media and blockchain.


03322 5078053


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