The Corona crisis, or Covid-19, is hitting us all. And also many clients from the IT sector inform me this week that clients are hesitant with new projects or new customers are difficult to acquire.

Especially in my industry there are many self-employed, graphic designers, programmers, but also startups. I am happy to provide up-to-date advice on the problems when customers want to terminate their contracts extraordinarily or when there are problems with employees.

I am also happy to advise on the various options for taking advantage of government assistance to avoid or offset any liquidity shortfalls.

Just contact me directly at


This article is also intended to be a collection of regular external information on the subject of government funding, etc.

Update. 19.03 – 11:00

IBB has released the first applications online for Berliners to apply online for liquidity assistance. The information can be found here. This program is for businesses that need/need/want to pay employees and have to deal with rent or other expenses. Other programs for the self-employed are likely to follow.

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