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    Esport teams and streamers: half-hearted = legally dangerous

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    An overview for esport teams and streamers My blog is now full of legal questions and warnings that affect esports teams or streamers in one way or another. And of course I also get regular requests to look after teams, streamers, influencers and the like. Almost always the topic of whether they can afford comprehensive […] More

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    Women have ruined men’s cool gamer existence

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    On the first day of the office after the Easter weekend, I would like to refer to a very interesting, if only partially researched article in “Spectrum of Science”. It is a question of whether and how many women there are in esport and what impact this has on “men” in esport. Because women are […] More

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    Chess, Bridge, Esport?

    Geschätzte Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

    Much is already being said, written and even more demanded by the ESBD about the discussion about esport and the concepts. Likewise, on the blog you will find more than enough articles on whether the discussion is necessary or whether legal equality can be obtained in a different way. Since I had a discussion on […] More