Last year, the Geoblocking Regulation was launched(see this article), and violations can result in severe fines(see this article). Now the Federal Network Agency is putting on the pressure and accepting complaints.

This is because the Federal Network Agency is responsible for enforcing the Geoblocking Regulation. It has moved swiftly to create the conditions for consumers to complain about geoblocking practices. The introduction of an online form further simplifies the complaint process in the interest of consumers.

Numerous cases have already been reported to it: The majority of complaints concern orders for clothing, electrical appliances and e-books.

In addition to supporting consumers, however, the Federal Network Agency is expressly focusing on an active exchange with the merchant side in order to improve cross-border trade. In June, for example, it held a workshop with retailer associations to discuss initial experiences with the geoblocking regulation. The discussion and guidance on reducing barriers for consumers was well received by participants. This efficiently contributed to a better understanding of the requirements of the Geoblocking Regulation and its implementation.

However, warnings from competitors are still the order of the day!

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