Streamer/YouTuber/Influencer and the Imprint Obligation

At the end of the day, there is no question that as a streamer, YouTuber or other influencer you have to comply with the imprint obligation. For more information, see this twitch article and other social media accounts.

Now I am contacted several times a week by streamers or YouTubers or asked if there is no solution here. The – quite understandable – reason is that influencers are reluctant to reveal their real names to fans and followers and certainly do not want to publish their own address. Unfortunately, I cannot help with this in formal legal terms. The standards for this are quite clear.

I have to advise against my own solutions. The absence of any imprint is almost certainly subject to a charge. And such are numerous, as relatively simple and judicially enforceable.

But also the welcome possibility to deposit, for example, the address of parents or other relatives is usually not a good idea. On the one hand, the parents would then be confronted with things like stalkers or fans, on the other hand, of course, this is also a violation of the imprint obligation. In addition, even in the case of litigation, parents are confronted with the service of actions or notices of notice in this way, and there could be problems with jurisdiction which could lead to problematic but at least costly could lead to a referral.

However, this does not mean that there are no solutions for streamers, YouTubers, or influencers. I offer advice on the subject, which also includes solutions to the problem of the disclosure of personal data in the imprint. Solutions are available in a short-term manner, which has not yet been fully clarified in legal terms, or in a comprehensive manner, which is also particularly suitable for those influencers and streamers who already have more than one pocket money in their activities. or want to earn in the future.


Even true statements about competitors only possible to a limited extent!

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Written by Marian Härtel

Marian Härtel specializes in the areas of competition law, copyright law and IT/IP law and specializes in computer games, sports, marketing and streamers/influencers. He supports start-ups in their development, assists them with all legal problems and supports them in business development.

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