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Twitter must not block accounts for no reason

The topic of how US social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram deal with German law has become increasingly controversial this year and one has the feeling that the respective companies are not only affected by the Network Enforcement Act, but also by the are pushed further and further into the narrow by numerous new court decisions to comply with German law in the best possible way.

Just recently decided, the OLG Munich, that deliveries to Facebook are also possible in German (see this post), now it has been announced that the District Court of Dresden has confirmed its case law on Twitter.

I had reported on the injunction in this post. Now there was a final verdict, with which the court upholds its verdict because of the blocking of the Twitter account of the Dresden GREEN politician Dr. Dietrich Herrmann.

In addition to the fact that the court also considers the tweet at issue to be lawful, since recognizably joking, the court also commented on another delivery problem that foreign companies occasionally try to attach. When the application for an injunction was lodged, the Court of First Instance forgot to attach an appeal notice, but later corrected this.

Another interesting point in the judgment is the following:

Nor is there any anticipation of the main proceedings, since the reference to the main proceedings would amount to a denial of justice in view of the speed of information on social media and the forthcoming state election at the time.


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Written by Marian Härtel

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