Marian Härtel
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What expertise do I have?

Due to my extensive contact base, my experience in international markets, the leadership, improvement and the development of teams and my personal interest in IT topics, I have extensive knowledge in the field of business development of IT-based companies. I support media companies and media startups in drafting legal texts and contracting.

I have led leading companies in the licensing and marketing of online games and mobile games, and have experienced in overseeing activities in the Asian gaming market as well as an expert on emerging markets. Based on about 30 business trips to South Korea and about 20 business trips to China and Taiwan, as well as numerous other business trips and thus contact to Russia, Southeast Asia and the Arab region, I can help computer game companies and if they wish to establish branches in Europe or offer products in the European Union.

Since I have lived in the USA, I can also help US companies in the field of esports and gaming who want to expand into the European Union or the Federal Republic of Germany or intend to conclude contracts with cooperation partners.

What can I offer?

Legal advice

I can offer not only general advice, but also contract creation. In the Federal Republic of Germany, I can plan and support the establishment of subsidiaries and design relevant contracts for the start of operations. This includes shareholder contracts, copyright contracts or employment contracts. I can cover topics that I do not deal with through my network of contacts with experienced colleagues.

As an IT/IP lawyer, I naturally support non-European companies above all in matters relating to trademark, copyright and patent law.


Through my consulting company, Esport Consltung GmbH, I can also help with business development or the development of structures in subsidiaries.

As part of traditional management consulting, I cannot help European companies with classic business topics of management consulting

  • Strategy consulting such as corporate, divisional or market strategies, growth strategies, competitive strategies and business model development. These are often not comparable to those in the home countries
  • The same applies to management such as management models, corporate management or management organisation as well as all types of functional management consulting along the value chain such as (marketing & sales, production, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, payment service providers or finances.

In many cases, I can also support non-legal specialists with my large network.

Managing director

I am also available for a limited period of time as interim managing director for subsidiaries and can support the search for managing directors and other employees.


Finally, I also help non-European investors to successfully plan, execute and finalise investments in German providers. I also combine legal and business consulting and can offer numerous contacts, especially in the German industry of computer game companies.

Which areas do I cover?

Since I have been working as an entrepreneur and lawyer in the field of computer games and esports for more than 20 years, I limit myself to the core areas of my business experience when advising foreign companies. I always want to offer my clients and clients added value and therefore advise clients comprehensively, but only to the extent that my expertise allows.

Opening the door

I am very happy to open the door to Europe for companies in the computer game industry. Just contact me without obligation and request an offer.