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What is Esport law?

Esport law (in Germany correctly then also e-sport) as such, is a new field of law and is mainly characterized by the drafting of player contracts for e-sport teams and the drafting of sponsoring contracts. Particularly in the Federal Republic of Germany, special challenges in social security law, the question of minimum wages and other requirements must be taken into account. It is also important to take into account the specifications of game manufacturers, in the case of participation in certain lounges. It is also relevant to define cash flows precisely and to consider the legal implications. This is the case, for example, in the case of tournament winnings or income from streaming activities.

What services do I offer as a lawyer?

My strengths as a lawyer are primarily the fact that I am a gamer myself and have been active in the gaming industry since 1998, both as an entrepreneur and later as a lawyer and consultant. I can therefore offer contracts and advice in a way that no other law firm offers, because I know the industry, the needs and speak the language of gamers and esportgamers.

In detail, I can help with the following problems:
Drafting contracts, such as the drafting of player contracts, sponsorship contracts, NDA, cooperation contracts and all other contracts relevant to esport teams. This also includes advice on social security law and the establishment of companies.
Drafting of investor contracts for esport teams or e-sport start-ups. As an entrepreneur, I have already founded almost 10 companies or have been involved in them and have. My advice within the scope of investments begins with the establishment of contact with an investor and ends with the dry signature.
Creation and consulting in the context of platform offers in the area of Esport, Cloud, Social Media or services for Esportler
Support of contracts in the field of e-sports events including agreements with game publishers, organizers, teams, sponsors and media partners, taking into account aspects of youth protection law and commercial law. Here I have relevant experience overall and, in addition to drafting contracts, I also provide comprehensive advice.
Contracts in the area of conflict between streaming platforms such as Twitch or publishing platforms such as YouTube, taking into account broadcasting law, consumer protection law and monetization. For this purpose, I have access to an extensive network of tax consultants and other professional service providers.
Copyright issues in connection with streaming, the events of Event, and of course questions of data protection
Preparation of general terms and conditions.
Consulting and trademark issues and international expansion

In my more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer, I have also gained extensive litigation experience up to the Federal Supreme Court.

Which clients have I already advised?

Unfortunately, I cannot publish the names of clients due to professional ethics regulations. However, my clients include large professional Esport-Teams, Esport Startups, as well as smaller semi-professional teams and registered clubs. For each type of client I am able to offer tailor-made offers and consulting concepts, whereby I naturally also consider the financial possibilities.

Management consultancy

I myself have 20 years of professional experience and 10 years as a lawyer. I have already founded six of my own companies and have been involved in other companies. I have completed negotiations with a large number of investors and gained experience in dealing with employees, suppliers and business partners. I regularly pass this experience on to clients and customers to support them in the preparation of business plans, company figures and pitching decks.

I always combine my management consulting services with my legal advice in a holistic manner, so that a client receives effective support and legal advice. This allows clients to concentrate on their own strengths while I, as a consultant, manage issues such as communication with authorities, business processes and legal challenges. Within this framework, I can also offer clients, for example, the outsourcing of a legal department at fair flat rates.

Sponsorship agreements

Sponsors are essential in the area of sports as well as for operators of social media sites such as Influencer. Due to my almost 20 years of experience in the sales area with various advertising clients and agencies, I am not only able to draft sponsoring contracts in a legally compliant manner, but above all to optimize their contents within the scope of my consulting services. Within the scope of consulting by Esports Consulting GmbH, I can also take over the acquisition of sponsors and advertising clients on a retainer basis.

As a lawyer I can develop contracts with Esport Teams for both endemic and non-endemic sponsors. In doing so, I always keep an eye on professionalism and fairness in order to ensure both the protection of sponsors and the balance of the contractual conditions for Esports teams or influencers.

Esport player contracts

Professionalization in the field of esports generally goes hand in hand with the use of professionally prepared player contracts, sponsorship contracts and a professional approach to cash payments, social security and sustainability. Due to my experience in the field of esports, I am able to create these contracts in a way that suits the team in question, taking into account specifics, relationships with streamers or other income, for example from Twitch, YouTube, advertising or tournament winnings.

In my shop there are two general contract samples for free download. Of course, these samples still need individual adaptation. In addition to social security law, special regulations of the individual leagues and/or game operators must also be observed. Within the scope of financing an Esport Organization, tournament revenues, revenues from influencer activities as well as revenues from streaming activities, like on Twitch, have to be considered, put in a fair relation and constructed in a legally clean way.

Contracts are also not the end of professionalisation. Professionalisation must also be lived in an Esport organisation, which is why I, as a lawyer and entrepreneur, am not only available for the preparation of contracts, but also offer advice and security for the management in the context of coaching.

Esports Consulting

The eSports Consulting GmbH, where I am managing director and 100% shareholder, is a full service agency with a focus on legal and management consulting for the fast developing eSports industry. The services include the organization of events, marketing as well as legal and business consulting, as well as the placement of persons and the creation of business concepts.