Esport visa comes next year

Esport visa comes next year 1

The German esports visa is coming: From spring 2020, professional esports men from third countries will be subject to simplified conditions for permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal Council today approved the corresponding amendments to the Employment Ordinance, following the decision by the Federal Government in November (see this post).

Section 22 is amended as follows:

(a) After point 4, the following point 5 shall be inserted:
“5. Persons who practice eSports professionally in the form of a competition between persons and whose use in German clubs or similar eSports institutions participate in competitions are intended
is when it

(a) have reached the age of 16;
(b) the association or institution pays a gross salary of at least 50 per cent of the contribution ceiling for the statutory pension insurance, and
(c) the German governing body responsible for eSports confirms the professional practice of eSports and the exercise d’esports is of significant national or international importance.”

The revised Employment Ordinance will enter into force in conjunction with the Skilled Personnel Immigration Act, probably in March 2020.

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