You should also evaluate your own lawyer fairly on the Internet, otherwise you will be threatened with unmade. Pure defamatory criticism is in fact subject to a warning. The Regional Court of Görlitz ruled that it constituted inadmissible defamatory criticism to describe a lawyer as “criminal and corrupt” and “should be locked away” on the Internet.

Of course, this only applies if no connecting facts are provided to prove these allegations. The latter is particularly the case if there is no contractual relationship between the parties making the statement.

In the present case, these are expressions of opinion by the Ag. Accordingly, it is essential for classification as a statement of fact or opinion whether the statement is amenable to verification as to its accuracy by means of evidence. This is not the case with value judgments and expressions of opinion, because they are characterized by the element of opinion and opinion. The Ag. Throws to the branch. accused of being a bad lawyer, of being criminal and corrupt, of being a convicted lawyer, of being subject to “punishment proceedings”, of having committed perverting the course of justice. Furthermore, he relates it to “fear + terror” as well as National Socialism. However, he does not describe any specific facts that would be amenable to proof.

Of course, since all clients love me and would never call me that, I have nothing to fear 😉

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