Play from 4 p.m. to stream only from 10 p.m.? The JusProg Dilemma

Play from 4 p.m. to stream only from 10 p.m.? The JusProg Dilemma 1

On 15 May 2019, the Commission for the Protection of Youth Media (KJM) declared the JusProg youth protection programme ineffective in accordance with Section 19b II JMStV. I reported on this in this article.

Although the FSM is taking action against this decision, the legal situation is unfortunately clear and speaks against content providers, without interim legal protection.

As I have now heard, there are already to be first letters from the youth protection authorities, which could, in case of doubt, also end with official notices and fines. As long as there is no interim legal protection of an administrative court, it must be ensured that 6-23 o’clock no development-damaging content (i.e. title with USK over 16 years) without, for example, verification with an identity card shown. If this does not work, as probably on the big streaming platforms, one would have to refrain from showing corresponding content. This could currently affect esports leagues, gaming streamers, but also editorial content providers.

The situation is very unpleasant at the moment and it is also advisable, if you get a letter, not to react to it alone. It is difficult to estimate how big the risk of being “caught” is and how quickly, which youth protection authorities react or whether many first demand commentes etc. I’m trying to get an update as soon as possible.

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