Representations in court

For me, as a lawyer, clients are more than just “customers” where I can make money. Over the years, I have acquired a self-image as a lawyer, which allows me to convince clients with fair remuneration, honest opinion, trust and long-term cooperation, as well as with consistency, respect and professionalism.

I can represent clients before all German courts, with the exception of the Federal Court of Justice, although I also have extensive experience as a correspondent lawyer at the Federal Court of Justice. In my 10 years of experience as a lawyer, I have acquired extensive experience in the management of large-scale proceedings and can also rely on many years of litigation experience in competition law, copyright law and other civil litigation law. recourse. I can take over both the means of warning, the injunction, as well as the main proceedings, including negotiations at the Higher Regional Courts. In doing so, I always rely on a trustful relationship with the clients and fast communication via various electronic media.

I have gained numerous process experiences, especially in the IT/IP area. I am no stranger to extensive litigation of more than 5 years. I am not only aware of the necessary formalities, but also of numerous strategies to effectively represent clients or achieve the optimal result. Negotiation requires experience in dealing with litigants, courts, judges, offices, bailiffs and other organs of the administration of justice.

In doing so, I am trying to advise clients on the economic impact by advising against remedies if they do not seem to be promising.

My concept is always to avoid legal proceedings for my clients, but at least to minimize the risk. My experience has shown that it is rare to make a real profit in a court case. If representation in court is necessary, for example due to an unjustified warning, I have the necessary experience in conducting very large-scale cases.