The KJM is currently talking about itself mainly because of the jusprog problem(see this article),which currently leads to the fact that computer games, which are classified from 16 years, are theoretically not to be included in streams until 10 p.m.(see this post).

On the occasion of gamescom, Dr. Wolfgang Kreißig, Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of Youth Media, is now appealing to the legislators of the federal and state governments that a coordinated converged regulatory framework for the protection of youth media is urgently needed. Would. This must be based on the actual behaviour of children and adolescents and thus also reflect new risks.

In games, these include promoting excessive gambling behavior or increasing business models based on in-game purchases and advertising. In view of a dynamic development, for example in game apps, platforms or mobile devices, protection gaps have arisen that need to be closed.

Unfortunately, there is still no adequate level-playing field for providers based abroad – also because of the lack of effective tools for enforcing the network,”

Dr. Kreißig comments on the current legal situation.

However, this should not be a reason for lowering one’s own standards. Effectively protecting children and young people is a constitutional task to which legislators, supervision and self-control institutions are obliged.

Whether this is a reaction to the jusprog problem, which is currently being challenged in court, remains to be seen.

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