Marian Härtel Marian Härtel berät Team Prismatic im Aufbau juristischer Strukturen

Marian Härtel, a German gaming lawyer specialized in the eSports industry, announced the start of a cooperation with Team Prismatic ( Härtel will help the team building up all legal constructions, from team contracts to sponsorship agreements.

Berlin, July 17th: Marian Härtel is a German lawyer with 20 years’ experience in the gaming industry and 10 years of legal consulting. announces a consulting agreement for Germany based Team Prismatic. The goal of this cooperation will be to help the team build up internal legal processes as well as further professionalize the organization.

Härtel will support founder Dominik Lupfer on his quest to base the team and its members on a safe and solid legal structure and make the first steps to professionalize eSports as an industry.

Team Prismatic and Marian Härtel also agreed to further evangelize other teams as well as the industry of the need to professionalize. This will include legally checked and fair player contracts as well as mutually beneficial supporter and sponsor contracts.

Marian Härtel adds

The need of getting help from legal experts is still scarce in the eSports industry and mostly limited to Tier 1 eSports organizations and professional broadcasting and tournament members of the industry. More and more teams are realizing though, that professional habits and structures are the basis for successful growth as well as for attracting sponsors and players.”

Dominik Lupfer agrees

„Team Prismatic is still a young organization, but I realized early on that our rapid growth will only last if we do it the professional way from the beginning on. We are happy to be able to have Marian Härtel as an external advisor for our legal needs and our commercial structures. “

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